Attendance/Cancellation Policy

For our Membership Students:  You are provided 40 lessons a year.  There will be a few weeks that the studio is closed (see your student portal for the calendar.)  Your teachers may cancel an additional 3 flex lessons without having to make those up.  If your teacher cancels any more than their 3 additional flex lessons they will either provide a substitute or a make up lesson within 30 days.  There will be NO makeup lessons for student cancellations.   If you must cancel a lesson, please do so on the student portal as soon as possible. Although we do not provide makeups, our teachers will provide a video or asynchronous assignment to keep students active between lessons. 

If you need to change your lesson time or wish to stop your lessons, you must fill out the disenrollment form found below by the 24th of the month PRECEEDEDING the month you wish to discontinue.  (i.e. to cancel for June 1st, please fill out the form by May 24th) Any change requests after the 24thth of the month, will take affect after the 30th of the following month. 

IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE LATE TO YOUR LESSON, PLEASE NOTIFY US VIA THE REMIND APP.  After 15 minutes the lesson will be forfeited, BUT the teacher WILL provide an alternative to the lesson either through a video lesson/alternative assignment/asynchronous lesson.

For students taking Drop-In Lessons.  You are able to cancel your lesson up to 48 hours before your lesson time via The Student Portal without being charged and with the ability to reschedule.  Any lessons canceled within the 48-hour window will be charged. If a lesson is cancelled by the teacher, there will be no charge or the lesson will be credited to your account.

HYBRID LESSONS (IN PERSON / VIRTUAL). We offer hybrid lessons to accomodate the health and safety of our students and families.  Please note that due to the teacher's travel/performance schedules/quarantine requirements, a lesson may be converted to a virtual lesson.  A student may also choose to make a lesson virtual as long as they contact the teacher by the morning of the lesson.

DISENROLLENT FORM. If you wish to dis-enroll, please fill out following form by the 24th of the month, to disenroll for the following month.  By disenrolling, you acknowledge that The Musik Makers bills on a monthly basis, so no refunds can be made and no changes to your account will take effect until the 1st of the following month. 

Teachers may need to make lessons virtual due to performance obligations/health concerns. Please note that the lesson fees are the same for in person/virtual.

Payment Policies

Lesson Fees will be charged the same amount monthly regardless of how many lessons are held in the month for students with a yearly membership. Students taking drop-in lessons will be charged per lesson.  The responsible party is expected to set up a payment method in the student portal upon registration.  
All payments are due via autopay on the 1st of the month for the upcoming month and will incur late fees of $25 for every 2 weeks that they are overdue.  If an invoice is unpaid for 3 months or more, the student will be automatically disenrolled.

If you have any questions regarding your invoice/payment method or have a financial hardship please reach out to

Covid-19 Precautions and Procedures

If you plan on returning to in-person lessons, please read the following carefully!

Please do NOT attend your lesson, if you are feeling symptomatic at all (fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, congestion) OR if you have been exposed to Covid-19. As an alternate, please contact your teacher and they will provide you with a virtual lesson during your lesson time instead if you are feeling up to it.
Please keep an eye on the Remind App for updates regarding Masks.

Upon arrival to the studio, please wait in your car until just before your lesson time.  You may then proceed to the back patio and wait until your teacher comes out to get you.  Families are expected to wait outside or in their cars until the lesson ends.  Students will be escorted back to the patio/porch after their lesson.  If they are minors, please be prompt upon pickup!  To decrease the number of people in and out of the studios, we are asking that if you want to observe your child’s lesson that you do so from the patio. We will keep the curtains open in both studios and when the weather is permitting windows will be open OR we will conduct lessons on the patio!

While there IS a bathroom on location, we are asking that students ONLY use it in an absolute emergency, so please try to have the student use the facilities BEFORE arrival to help with that.

Disinfecting the bathroom during the lesson will take away from the student’s learning time and we want to make the most of their time in the studio.

Each studio will have an Air Purifier and will be disinfected between students.

If at any time, a student wishes to return to Virtual Lessons, please notify

2022-2023 Studio Year

See the student portal calendar for events/performances/cubs/recitals/auditions and more!

Each teacher has 3 built in flex days to use for personal time

If a teacher needs to go beyond 3 flex days, any missed lessons thereafter will be made up within 30 days OR conducted by a substitute teacher