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Thank you so much for checking out The Musik Makers! We would be happy to welcome you into our studio and meet you wherever you are at to help you along your journey in the field of Performing Arts!  At the Musik Makers, we approach and address each individual student's learning style to best meet their needs to help them thrive and not just have talent but a passion for what they are pursuing.  Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have.

Musically Yours,
Rebecca Pieper, Owner of The Musik Makers

Spring Lesson Dates

START: Sunday, February 28th
END: Friday, May 21st
DURATION: 10 Weeks of Private Lessons + 1 Makeup or Bonus Week
NOTE: Studio will be closed from 3/28/21 to 4/5/21

Spring Lessons Are Being Held In-Person and Virtually 

Want to learn more about getting started with lessons or adding a new instrument? Contact Us Here!